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Andreas Petersen

November 11, 2018

Lazav the Multifarious 1v1 Commander with Andreas “ecobaronen” Petersen

Hello everyone and welcome to my newest video series. Last time you saw me play five sweet matches of Vintage. Today we have some 1v1 Commander action on our hands…
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Paradoxical_Outcome_by Nils Hamm
October 9, 2018

Vintage Esper Paradoxical Outcome with Andreas Petersen and Corey Baumeister

Our resident Magic Online Challenge crusher and multiple Vintage Challenge Champion Andreas "ecobaronen" Petersen met up with Corey Baumeister from to teach him the ways of Magic's largest format.…
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October 3, 2018

An Interview with 2018 World Championship finalist Grzegorz Kowalski

The 2018 Magic the Gathering World Championship was an exciting tournament for many reasons, one of which was the success of lesser known European Pros over established greats from the…
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Team Snapcardster
September 27, 2018

Martin Dang: Captain of Team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard

Today in the final installment of Andreas "ecobaronen" Petersen's series of interviews with the new members of Team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard, he meets the captain of the team: Pro Tour Dragons…
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Team Snapcardster
September 25, 2018

Pro Tour Competitor Martin Müller comes to Team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard

The third new addition to Team #Snapcardster is Martin Müller, the youngest on this team of Denmarks best players. At just 17 years of age he made a name for himself…
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Team Snapcardster
September 21, 2018

Simon Nielsen brings more Danish star-power to Team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard

Andreas "ecobaronen" Petersen meets with Simon Nielsen for an interview as Simon joins team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard for the new season of the Magic Pro Tour Team Series. Andreas already…
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Team Snapcardster
September 19, 2018

Christoffer Larsen becomes a Snapcardster Mage

Today Andreas "ecobaronen" Petersen sits down with Christoffer Larsen to welcome him as the newest member of team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard and find out how it feels to join the lineup…
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EvergreenGrand PrixModernTournament
September 18, 2018

(Un)Retirement, Spirits and the Magic Future with Ondřej Stráský

We have the honor to welcome the most recent Grand Prix champion Ondřej Stráský who sits down for an interview with Andreas ”ecobaronen” Petersen. The two talk about Ondřejs journey through…
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prag tschechien
Grand PrixModern
August 29, 2018

Czech Tech: Modern Innovations from Grand Prix Prague

Los fenomenales jugadores @Lampalot (7-1) @therealenevolds (6-2) @LuisSalvatto (6-2) are preparing for day 2 at #gpprague after a great day at the office. Expect great things tomorrow! #snapcardster (now with…
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