The Fun Police

This week I’ve chosen to play a Legacy League with one of my favorite decks besides Storm which is Death and Taxes. This deck originated as mono-white creature deck that will often play the control role with Thalia, Guardian of ...
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GP Birmingham *3rd*

Last weekend was GP Birmingham and if you know me or followed coverage, you’ll know that I didn’t get 3rd. 56th doesn’t sound very cool though and I did travel with Oscar Christensen who got 3rd so I think this ...
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Hour of Devastation? Blue 5 mana sweeper

Last week, I told you about the BR Midrange deck I was trying to combat Ramunap Red with. Today I’ll tell you why I’m not playing the deck anymore. I know you’re thinking “if last week was wrong, why should ...
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Update 0.5: Introducing Offline-First

Heelloo, dear Snapcardster User. I know … it's been a while since our last update, but we haven't been lazy. With each update, we receive lots of new feedback from you, regarding common bugs, feature requests and more. So first off: Thank ...
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Winning #MKMS Prague Modern

Fade-in to Game 2 of the finals of the Modern event. Tomasz Sodomirski is playing Dredge vs. Anders Thiesen on Titanshift and has just resolved the Driven part of Driven // Despair. “What’s that?”, I Inquire. “Your death” Sodomirski explains, ...
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Hidden Gems in Modern

Today I want to talk about some cards that see too little play in my opinion. Sometimes people are very rigid in their deckbuilding and are too afraid to innovate. Or maybe they need to see a certain card make ...
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How to beat Ramunap Red (… and zombies)

This weekend, the Pro Tour finally happened and Standard is alive again. The top 8 contained 6 Ramunap red decks, and red was the talk of the weekend. It’s a very powerful deck with some very fast draws and at ...
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It’s a miracle: Back-to-Back Victory

© 2017 photo credit: Editorial Note: "It’s a miracle: Back-to-Back Victory" is a guest entry by Johannes Gutbrod. Read more about Johannes in "Meet the Pros: Johannes Gutbrod, Legacy". Johannes Gutbrod is not affiliated with After Show-and-Telling ...
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