Android Update 0.6.3: New Scanner

Hey dear Snapcardster User,

we’ve listened to your feedback and made some changes to the scanning function. At the moment the scanner is not always recognising the correct set, however we integrated an easy to use edit form to speed up the process.

Old Scanner

Too many steps

The idea behind the old scanner was to “scan first, edit later”. The problem with most scanners, including ours, is that they sometimes have a hard time recognising the correct set. To prevent adding wrong cards to your collection we thought it was a good idea to edit sets manually. We quickly realised that this process takes up way too much time.

We screwed up. It takes too many steps to add cards

New Scanner

Edit while you scan

The new scanner features …

(a) an offers toggle to instantly add your scanned cards to your offers-list,

(b) a foil toggle to add cards in foil,

(c) a timer to add multiple cards of the same name,

(d) an edit button to make changes to the scanned cards,

(e) a “+10%/-10%”-button to apply a percentage to the recommended price.

The interface also shows the latest recommended price while scanning. This way you can just scan cards to check out the price, without adding the card to your collection.

Add cards faster with a simpler UI

We’re confident this update takes the scanner in the right direction. Our vision is to build the best magic card scanner on the market that recognises every card attribute except the condition. To recognise the set we’ll be introducing a new scanning algorithm in the near future. Until then you need to edit the set manually, if it’s not the right one.

If you find any bugs or if you have a feature request, feel free to:

Send Feedback

We’re listening!


Signing off,

Peer from Snapcardster

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