iOS Beta Delay

Some of you might already noticed, we’ve missed the official release date of our iOS beta. We aimed to release the first official Snapcardster version for iPhones on 26th of October and missed it. This delay has two reasons:

  1.  it is due to the underestimation of the release cycles of the official App Store. Compared to the Google Play Store it is a longer road to finally publish an application and we simply underrated the update cycle.
  2. in the final keystrokes of developing the iOS beta release we found two critical bugs leaving us with no other choice of delaying the release.

For those of you who’re desperately waiting to get your hands on Snapcardster, don’t worry. Our iOS Developer Julien is spending days and nights to fix these issues.

To make sure we’re not missing a new release date again, we’ve decided to invite beta testers one by one starting next week. Once we’re 90% confident with the application on iOS we open up the beta registration for everyone.

If you want to be one of the early beta testers make sure to preregister

We’re at SPIEL’17

Malte, Peer and Miri from Snapcardster are at SPIEL ’17 in Essen from 26th to 29th October at Booth 2-A131.

Come and say hello and test out our Android App or download the iOS Beta on 26th. We’ll guide you through the application and answer your questions.

Feel free to leave feedback and feature requests, now is the time to do it personally. If you just want to hang out and have a chat about magic you’re invited!

We’re at Booth 2-A131

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Update 0.5: Introducing Offline-First

Heelloo, dear Snapcardster User.

I know … it’s been a while since our last update, but we haven’t been lazy. With each update, we receive lots of new feedback from you, regarding common bugs, feature requests and more. So first off: Thank you! <3

Introducing: Offline-First

With todays update to v.0.5 beta we’re introducing an offline-first approach.

From this day, you’re able to add any magic card to your collection, without internet. Once you leave the magical basement of your local gaming store your app will connect to our cloud service and sync with the newest prices from (new in 0.5) and

Adding multiple cards

Rebuilding the core structure also allowed us to add multiple cards. 

This was one of the most asked feature requests and a function, that is mainly used to add playsets (4x) of cards or lot’s of basics for a new deck.

We hope this feature will speed up your collection management and deck-building up.

International Currencies

With this new price- and data structure we also added all kinds of new currencies from all over the world. Accessibility is what we care about.

Btw. we’re looking for translators. Hit up with Miri (she’s the mastermind behind our instagram and twitter) if you want to support us with your translation skills.

Anyway. I hope you like this update. This one has been a rough one, but I’m confidant it was the right step and we got it done. As always: you’re invited to report any bugs & feature requests.

Send Feedback

Signing off,

Peer from Snapcardster

Snapcardster #LEGACYKIEL

I’m incredible happy to be a part of the organizing team for this tournament. Big shout-out to the judges and to you – the players.
Peer Richelsen, TO

It’s been months of hard work. Software development for the app, financing, funding and legal-advices to make sure everything works out for the first Northern Germany cash tournament. After this exhausting trip I’m very glad everything worked out like a charm.

36 players joined us in our #startupsh office to play our most favourite format: legacy. After switching from a team tournament (which was the first stupid idea, tbh) to 1vs1 plain old legacy we were ready to go. Well, I thought so. About three weeks before the tournament the e-mail server, which was receiving the preregistrations, stopped doing it’s job; without me noticing. Luckily everything worked out and we were able to switch to an alternative preregistration method.

Follow us on Instagram for more impressions.

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Winner Profile

Frederik Pape


What was your deck choice for this tournament and why?
Dark Bantblade. A lot of my friends put up very good results with the deck so I gave it a try a few weeks ago and it deck is just insane.

How did your deck perform? Would you change anything in maindeck or sideboard?

The deck is very versatile and capable to find answers to nearly all threads. Even though that i think it is close to perfect as it is I want to try cutting one Abrupt Decay from the maindeck to add the Swords to Plowshares from the board to squeeze a Collective Brutality into the sideboard.

What’s your biggest achievement in magic? What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for magic?

I guess winning this tournament 🙂 The farthest I traveled was the Legacy GP in Chiba last year. It was a blast 🙂

How long have you been playing legacy competitively?

Hard to say, maybe 7-8 years with a few longer breaks in between.

What’s the next tournament you’re heading to?

As im quite busy in the next few month I think the next bigger tournament I will be going to will be the MCM Series in Hamburg


1. Frederik Pape Dark Bantblade
2. Marcel Jørgensen Elves
3. Hans Jacob Goddik RUG Delver
4. Jan Stadler Death and Taxes
5. Tim Borostowski Grixis Delver
6. Anders Thiesen Not Quite Miracles
7. Anders Rune Jensen Omni Sneak
8. Christian Böhnke Elves


With 22,9% Tempo/Aggro, 34.3% Combo and 42,9% Control the Snapcardster Legacy meta seems very healthy. The most played deck was Dark Bantblade with 16,67% meta share followed by Elves with 13,89% and Grixis Delver with 11,11%.

Deck Amount Share
Dark Bantblade 6 16,67%
Not Quite Miracles 2 5,56%
Death and Taxes 2 5,56%
BUG Control 1 2,78%
Hawk Blade 1 2,78%
Human Stompy 1 2,78%
BUG Food Chain 1 2,78%
Deathblade 1 2,78%
Control 15 41,67%
Elves 5 13,89%
BR Reanimator 2 5,56%
ANT 1 2,78%
TES 1 2,78%
Belcher 1 2,78%
High Tide 1 2,78%
Omni Sneak 1 2,78%
Combo 12 33,33%
Grixis Delver 4 11,11%
UR Delver 2 5,56%
Goblins 1 2,78%
RUG Delver 1 2,78%
Burn 1 2,78%
Tempo/Aggro 8 22,22%