Introducing: Thomas Enevoldsen

Hello and welcome to Team Snapcardster! Could you give a quick introduction of your self?

My name is Thomas Enevoldsen, I’m 29 years old and I work full time as an attorney in Denmark. I started playing Magic in 2003 (during Mirrodin) and tournament Magic in 2004 (Champions of Kamigawa prerelease!). My first deck was a Green/Red Beast tribal deck and my last deck was a Blue/Black control deck from Danish Nationals last weekend. So I have evolved somewhat over the past 14 years.

For the people (shame on them!) who might not be too familiar with your previous accomplishments, can you highlight a few of them?

1st at World Magic Cup 2014
1st at Grand Prix Strasbourg (Legacy)
Top 4 at Grand Prix Prague (Legacy)
1st at Danish Nationals 2009
1st at Danish Nationals 2013

We have all played Magic for quite some time, and we all have different reasons to do so. What keeps your engine running after all these years?

The bigger perspective is self-realization and an ever-growing desire not to lose. On a smaller scale, what I love the most about tournament Magic is the experience of playing against opponents who care just as much about winning as you do. Everybody plays to win. To squeeze as much as possible out of every little resource the game has to offer. This mentality is not easy to find in other situations in life. People generally live recreationally – like they are playing kitchen table Magic. You don’t necessarily need to give a 100 % at work or studies, relationships even, and you’ll probably still be fine. But in Magic, if you leave an inch on the table, someone else is going to pick it up. And I love the fight for that inch.

What is your favorite format and why?

I can’t really decide. I used to believe it was legacy, since that is where most of my good results come from. From a strict game perspective, I love sealed the most, since it is essentially two games in one (building and playing), and both rewards creativity more so than other formats where most games are decided by the power of the cards and the order they were drawn in. From a fun perspective, nothing really beats team drafting, both for the team spirit on your team and the bragging rights against your opponents. There is always so much more on the line in team draft, because your pride is at stake!

Looking into the crystal ball, what does the next 12 months have in store for you MTG-wise?

Attend as many European Grand Prix as possible, play the odd Magic Online qualifiers and generally just aim to get on the Pro Tour again. Whatever format, whatever city. Just get back.

Thank you so much for taking your time. Feel free to leave your Twitter handle, so people can keep up with your magical endeavours in the future!

No problem!

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Twitter: @therealenevolds

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