iOS Beta Delay

Some of you might already noticed, we’ve missed the official release date of our iOS beta. We aimed to release the first official Snapcardster version for iPhones on 26th of October and missed it. This delay has two reasons:

  1.  it is due to the underestimation of the release cycles of the official App Store. Compared to the Google Play Store it is a longer road to finally publish an application and we simply underrated the update cycle.
  2. in the final keystrokes of developing the iOS beta release we found two critical bugs leaving us with no other choice of delaying the release.

For those of you who’re desperately waiting to get your hands on Snapcardster, don’t worry. Our iOS Developer Julien is spending days and nights to fix these issues.

To make sure we’re not missing a new release date again, we’ve decided to invite beta testers one by one starting next week. Once we’re 90% confident with the application on iOS we open up the beta registration for everyone.

If you want to be one of the early beta testers make sure to preregister

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