July 2017 Modern Data

Two premier events were played this past weekend on Magic Online, and today I will dissect the results for you guys. On Sunday, the top 250 digital magic players battled in the Magic Online Championship Series in eight rounds of Modern. Since you needed a record of 6-2 to quality for the playoff event, I have included all decks with that record or better. On Monday it was PTQ time with nine rounds of swiss before the top 8. I’ve chosen to include decks with a 7-2 or better record from this tournament even though not all of the players with two losses made ind into the top 8. I feel like I’ve talked about Death’s Shadow variants for a month in a row, so today I will focus on some of the other sweet archetypes in Modern. Here are the hard numbers in the two tournaments combined:

7 Grixis Death’s Shadow
7 Affinity
6 Titan Shift
3 Tron
3 Dredge
3 Storm
4 Other Death’s Shadow
2 Eldrazi Tron
2 G/W Humans
2 Lantern Control
2 Burn
2 U/W Control
1 Bant Eldrazi
1 Amulet Titan
1 KCI Combo
1 Counters Company
1 Faeries
1 Slivers
1 Bogles
1 B/W Midrange
1 B/G Midrange

Which archetypes underperformed?

Where were you last night?

BG/x Midrange decks were at an all time low this weekend. Only former player of the year, Jeremy Dezani, and loyal archetype afficionado slash streamer Jaberwocki decided to sleeve up the best planeswalker in Modern and convert that into a result. Whether this is a financial matter, has to do with the superiority of Death’s Shadow variants or something third, it’s a talk for another day.

Not quite good enough.

Control decks also disappointed me a lot. In a metagame defined by Death’s Shadow and Affinity, you’d think that Control could exist and succeed relatively easy. The problem for various Control decks is not beating 4-5 different decks; the problem is beating 15 different decks. Holding a Negate when you play vs. aggressive creatures or a Supreme Verdict vs. spell combo is a very difficult problem to solve without Brainstorm to filter dead draws in certain matchups, which every Legacy Control mage know all about. My article next week tries to solve the problem for Control decks in Modern, and no, it’s not Brainstorm.

Which archetypes over-performed?

The boys are back in town!



This weekend marked the official return for “oldschool” Tron, which has been on a long hiatus thanks to people playing Eldrazi Tron instead and overall bad positioning in the format. Two out of the three pilots made some adjustments to combat Death’s Shadow by adding either white or black to their deck to support Fatal Push or Path to Exile and Blessed Alliance. Having a cheap way of removing a Shadow while ramping to your 6+ mana cards seems like a great choice for the archetype moving forward. If this deck gets back to its old metagame share, I would expect Fulminator Mage to see more play in people’s sideboards and Ghost Quarter decks to pick up steam.

Go big or go home.
Titan Shift matches up terribly against Death’s Shadow and still had a very nice weekend. Why? Other than matching up poorly vs. Death’s Shadow, it’s also very bad against spell-based combo like Storm and Ad Nauseam. The good thing is that main deck Relic of Progenitus solves the Storm matchup and that Death’s Shadow has made Ad Nauseam almost extinct as this point. People realized that boardstate decks are good vs. Death’s Shadow, so Titan Shift is now left with positive matchups like Affinity, Eldrazi decks and Collected Company variants. It also dismantles most Midrange and Control decks quite handily, because you’re so threat dense, you don’t need to resolve a big spell and the natural Valakut triggers will grind down your opponent. I like Pia and Kiran Nalar in the four mana slot instead of Chandra. Three chump blockers is valuable in a lot of matchups, Shadow variants and Affinity in particular. The thopters even fly and can block a huge Etched Champion to buy you a vital turn.

Titan Shift players should be worried about the comeback of Tron. Last time the two decks were top decks at the same time, the opposition adapted by having access to 4 Fulminator Mage combined with Surgical Extraction in their sideboards. If Tron fails to keep the engine running, I like Titan Shift leading up to Grand Prix Birmingham next month.

To the bench you go!


MTGO user WilliamRegal took Burn to great finishes in both events as the lone wolf this weekend. Looking at his deck list, the first thing you see is that he cut the Eidolon of the Great Revel and chose to play black instead of green as his splash color. I suspect that he removed the Eidolon’s from the deck entirely because he didn’t want to sideboard them out vs. various creature decks all day, as they’re quite bad vs. Affinity, Humans and Eldrazi – especially on the draw. I’m quite surprised not to see them in his sideboard, since Storm is still a deck. I like how, after Affinity’s homecoming party at Las Vegas, he specifically prepared for Affinity by sideboarding Stony Silence, Wear // Tear and Smash to Smithereens. I highly doubt that he lost a match against the robots all weekend.

The black splash adds a few tools to the R/W core of burn. Bump in the Night is another Lava Spike that gets around Worship as a nice little bonus. With Fatal Push running rampant, it makes sense to only play the haste creatures and a few Lavamancers to try and strand removal spells in the opponent’s hand, even though creatures are your only repeated source of damage. Topdecking a burn spell is much better than topdecking a Wild Nacatl when you’re trying to finish off your opponent. Hidden gem Rain of Gore teams up with Skullcrack to try and combat pesky lifegain.

Even though I’m pretty excited for Modern moving forward, next week I have some suggestions on improving the format even more. In the meantime, feel free to follow me twitter and tune in my twitch channel, if you like.

Editorial Note: What is your experience with modern? Let us know in the comments!

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