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13th. November 2017, Kiel
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For more than 20 years the famous trading card game Magic: The Gathering™ has been enjoying great popularity all over the world. Passionate Magic fans often own huge card collections which is difficult to overview. Two founders, Peer Oke Richelsen and Malte Delfs from Kiel Germany have set themselves the task to solve this problem. They created the app Snapcardster which gives Magic fans the possibility to scan their cards with a smartphone and to organise them in a virtual library.

Nicolas Jessen, Peer Oke Richelsen, Malte Delfs

The first step towards starting up was taken in spring 2016, when Peer and Malte founded the Snapcardster UG (limited liability). At the end of January they campaigned for their project at and received great support of 121 backers. During this campaign beta tester were invited to send in photos of Magic cards in order to improve the image recognition.

Since the project launch the app has constantly been further developed and expanded with numerous new functions. Still, the core function is to scan and organise Magic cards in a virtual library. The scanner automatically recognises within seconds what kind of card it is.

Furthermore, users can create “Wants”- and “Have”-lists, to show other app users in the nearby area which cards they own or would like to get. App users can get in contact via the built-in chat messenger to in a local game store or at a tournament.

The local trading is supported with daily price updates. The current price is calculated on the basis of various price sources from all over the web. Moreover Snapcardster offers the magic community a timeline with relevant news from selected editors of the Magic multiverse. In the future this timeline will be opened up to users in order to organise game nights or plan trips for example. It is already possible to add friends and to see their public wants and offers.

Since mid 2017 an investor from Switzerland is involved in the project making sure the needed funds of Snapcardster is ensured for the seed stage. With the investor’s financial support the iOS version could be further developed and will be released in November 2017.

On 30th October 2017 the Snapcardster UG (limited liability) was renamed to GmbH and the company vision was expanded to further applications of computer vision and machine learning. Snapcardster™ has been registered as trademark and is now held as the main product.

In the meantime GmbH has seven employees and sponsors four professional Magic player from Denmark since September 2017. These professional players participate as Team Snapcardster in Magic tournaments all over the world and blog on the app’s website about their experiences.

Thomas Enevoldsen, Anders Gotfredsen, Andreas Petersen, Michael Bonde

At the official Magic Pro Tour Series Snapcardster™ is being represented by Michael Bonde PilgaardBill ChronopoulosRyan CubitVitor GrassatoGrzegorz KowalskiMakis Matsoukas. The Pro Tour Team was announced on 30th October 2017 and has been officially approved.

With Snapcardster the two founders want to provide a user-friendly 21st century application for the best game of all times: Magic: The Gathering™. This application drastically improves a Magic player’s everyday life through technical refinement and innovative technology.

Miri from Snapcardster

Miri from Snapcardster

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Miri from Snapcardster

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