Meet the Pros: Christian Calcano

Hola Chris and welcome to the hot seat!

First of all, please tell us a few words about your self like where you live, pro status, key achievements etc.

Thanks for having me! I live in New York City and I’m a Platinum level pro. I have

  • 1 Protour Top 8,
  • 3 Protour Top 16,
  • 8 Grand Prix Top 8s with 2 wins

and I finished 11th in the 2017 World Championship.

I love asking players a question similar to this, and you are no exception: Do you remember the point where you realised you were good enough to play the game at the highest level?

Well, it had taken many years for me to reach the Protour, but it was probably after my first ever match on the Protour. I defeated Adam Yurchick who was dominant American pro at the time. I remember leaving that match with the confidence that I could compete on the Protour.

Watching you top 8 the Pro Tour and following you on social media in general, you seem like an emotional guy. Please share the pros and cons of having big emotions in a craft like Magic.

Ironically enough I’m not very emotional about the games. That’s mostly to do with the cons because negative and positive emotions can get in the way of making the best decision in any given game. I basically conditioned myself to not caring much for the result rather just trying my best to play good games of Magic. The Pros I’d say would have to be people seeing that emotion after a big win since we don’t see it enough at the higher levels. I’ve gotten a lot of positive response about my top 8 interview. While that’s clearly not how I drew it up, everyone clearly got to see just how much it meant to me.

Editorial Note: One of Christian Calcanos most memorable moments at Pro Tour Amonkhet

Do you enjoy all formats in Magic or do you secretly have a favourite format we don’t know about?

I mostly just enjoy Draft but I do enjoy Standard as well when I like the decks. I secretly like Legacy quite a bit as well, but only get to play in about 1-2 events a year.

I also want to ask you about team tournaments, as the opinions amongst pros are pretty divided. Do you want more or less team tournaments and why?

I love team tournaments, but definitely would like to see less going forward. I think we will see less since the main reason we’ve had so many is because of the Team Protour coming up for the 25th anniversary of Magic. It’s not always easy for everyone to find a team, and I generally dislike the politics that can sometimes come up when making a team. But they’re still some of the most fun events you can play in.

Lastly, I want to hear about your personal goals for 2018.

For 2018, my goal is the same as 2017, which is just to continue to play good Magic. Of course I would love to find myself in another Protour Top 8 or playing in Worlds again. But I find that pressuring myself to attain such things just puts unnecessary stress on me which causes me to not play my best. So I’ll just keep trying to improve as a player, and play as well as I can and see where I end up at the end of the season.

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