Update 0.5: Introducing Offline-First

Heelloo, dear Snapcardster User.

I know … it’s been a while since our last update, but we haven’t been lazy. With each update, we receive lots of new feedback from you, regarding common bugs, feature requests and more. So first off: Thank you! <3

Introducing: Offline-First

With todays update to v.0.5 beta we’re introducing an offline-first approach.

From this day, you’re able to add any magic card to your collection, without internet. Once you leave the magical basement of your local gaming store your app will connect to our cloud service and sync with the newest prices from CardKingdom.com (new in 0.5) and TCGPlayer.com.

Adding multiple cards

Rebuilding the core structure also allowed us to add multiple cards. 

This was one of the most asked feature requests and a function, that is mainly used to add playsets (4x) of cards or lot’s of basics for a new deck.

We hope this feature will speed up your collection management and deck-building up.

International Currencies

With this new price- and data structure we also added all kinds of new currencies from all over the world. Accessibility is what we care about.

Btw. we’re looking for translators. Hit up with Miri (she’s the mastermind behind our instagram and twitter) if you want to support us with your translation skills.

Anyway. I hope you like this update. This one has been a rough one, but I’m confidant it was the right step and we got it done. As always: you’re invited to report any bugs & feature requests.

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Signing off,

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