Rhythm of the Wild by Tomasz Jedruszek
January 19, 2019

This is the Rhythm of the Wild

While I might have expressed my love for Snubhorn Sentry in an earlier article, what really gets me into the rhythm is Stomping Ground and everything that entails. I’ve played…
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Mental Health Maximize Velocity by Svetlin Velinov
StandardTeam Snapcardster
January 12, 2019

Maximize 2019 – Simon’s New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Last week I went in depth on one of my Magic New Year’s resolutions and described how I want to get better at Sealed. And you can bet your old…
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LimitedProtourStandardTeam Snapcardster
January 2, 2019

Captain’s Log Entry Number 1

This is your (Team) Captain speaking Stardate 09-11.11.2018 Drogskol Captain by Peter Mohrbacher Welcome to the Captains Log, an ongoing article series where I will share with you my assessment…
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World Magic Cup Carnage Tyrant by Yeong-Hao Han
December 30, 2018

Finding the Best Standard Decks in the World (Magic Cup)

Christmas is now in the rearview mirror, and so is the very last World Magic Cup. As a Scandinavian it was weird to sit outside at a café this far…
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Jeskai Sideboarding Niv-Mizzet, Parun
DecktechGrand PrixStandardTournament
November 8, 2018

Michael Bonde’s Jeskai Control from GP Lille with Sideboarding Guide

Welcome to yet another article from yours truly! This article is written in a place of limbo. On the one hand, I want to talk about all the great things that…
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November 6, 2018

Martin Müller playing Mono Blue Tempo

Pro Tour Guilds of Ravnica is in a few days! Today Martin Müller shares a part of his early testing process for Standard. Here he takes his first steps in…
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Assassins Trophy by Seb McKinnon
October 27, 2018

Assassin’s Trophy all across Constructed

Return to Return to Return to Ravnica (GRN) has been out for a couple of weeks now, and I have been shifting from playing only Limited to a more focused…
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Gruul-Exploriments with Simon Nielsen
DecktechMagic ArenaStandard
October 19, 2018

Green-Red Exploriments MTG Arena Gameplay with Simon Nielsen

In his article earlier this week, Grand Prix Champion Simon Nielsen explored Standard decklists with Wildgrowth Walker. One of those lists was a green-red midrange deck featuring Experimental Frenzy which…
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