About Snapcardster

A visual guide of the history

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    Introducing: Community Features

    February 03, 2017

    Snapcardsteron Kickstarter

    First Major Update after Kickstarter
    . After weeks of silence we're revealing the first major update of Snapcardster introducing: local trading, instant chat, wants, haves and more!

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    Kickstarter Success!

    March 02, 2017

    Snapcardsteron Kickstarter

    121 backers pledged €6,171 to help bring this project to life. We thank everyone that supported us. You guys rock!

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    Change of legal status

    February 03, 2017

    Right in time for the campaign Snapcardster becomes a Entrepreneurial Company (with limited liability) and is now represented in the German Commercial Register.

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    We're kickstarting

    Februar, 2017

    Snapcardsteron Kickstarter

    After two months of testing the Snapcardsters image collecting tool, we hand it over to the kickstarter crowd and ask them for support.

    We believe, that building a precise scanner needs time and lots of data. Together we can bring you the most feature-rich app for magic.

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    Dezember 05, 2016

    Closed Beta

    We launched our closed beta version of Snapcardsters image collecting tool.

    Building a precise and fast scanner for magic cards needs a lot of time, energy and especially lots of images to teach the machine learning.

    Help us by submitting correctly labeled cards to improve the upcoming scanning technology.

  • Team Photo Shooting

    November 29, 2016

    Team Shooting
  • Redesign and Relaunch

    November 01, 2016

    Snapcardster Website Relaunch

    Timely for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign the website deserved a new shiny materialish look and feel.

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    Three Bachelor Stutends started their Thesis

    October 12, 2016

    MIP Bachelor

    We're very happy to offer three students of computer science a place and topic to work on their bachelor thesis in collaboration with the institute of MIP: Multimedia Image Processing at the CAU Kiel

  • Malte and Nico joined the team

    Juli 01, 2016

    Snapcardster Team Photo

    Thanks to the incubation program two software developers joined the magic journey. Malte Delfs (left) focuses on the scanning technology and android development and Nico Jessen (right) on the backend development and administration.

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    "Fast»Forward" Incubation

    Juli 01, 2016 - September 02, 2016 provides a three months business incubation program and helped Snapcardster by hiring two software developers and coaches.

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    April 12, 2016

    ptw group image was rebranded and renamed to and the first landing page was launched.

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    April 12, 2016

    Starterkitchen Room

    Snapcardster (formerly was founded by Peer Oke Richelsen at the Starterkitchen #startupSH coworking space in Kuhnkestraße 6, 24118 Kiel

  • Harm Brand
    Peer started at the Prototyping Week 2016 at OpenCampus and his idea has grown incredibly fast into a promising business case. He’s talented, ambitious and 100% entrepreneur.
    Harm Brand,
  • Prototyping Week 2016

    March 01, 2016 - March 06, 2016

    ptw group image

    The journey started in march 2016 at the Prototyping Week. Peer is an ambitious magic player who's already involved in the creation of the Bordifies colored perfect size sleeves. After many years of collecting and playing cards actively on tournaments he realized that the greatest card game in history finally deserves a suitable smartphone app . The idea of Snapcardster was born.

Working at Snapcardster

Join us. We have Storm Crows.

We're a young team of magic and tech enthusiasts, always looking for new challenges and opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Role Type Start
Bachelor/Master Thesis in Computer Science 6 Months Now Apply
Performance Marketing Internship + Trainee Programm Part-time June 2017 Assigned
Social Media Internship + Trainee Programm Part-time June 2017 Assigned
Frontend iOS Developer Part-time May 2017 Assigned
Java Developer Part-time March 2017 Assigned
Full Stack Javascript Developer Part-time March 2017 Assigned

The team that codes

well, at least sometimes.

  • Peer Richelsen
    Chief officer of might and magic

  • Malte Delfs
    Wizard of visual magic and computing

  • Nicolas Jessen
    Keeper of security and knowledge

  • Bennet Krause
    Battle-tested Java Warrior

The team that communicates

whenever they're not sleeping.

  • Tim Petersen
    Community Sorcerer and Social Media Wizard
  • Miri Liggefeldt
    Marketing Mage and Twitter Scout

  • Katrin Eckebrecht
    Marketing Mage and Instagram Scout

The team that wins tournaments

or writes articles and streams from time to time.

  • Andreas Petersen
    Multiple Legacy/Vintage National Champion
  • Anders Thiesen
    2x Eternal Weekend EU Top 8
  • Anders Gotfredsen
    WMC 2016 Competitor, Standard Beast!