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The app unites various practical functions for every Magic fan. Scan your Magic cards using your phone camera and organize your collection as decks and folders in a virtual library. Share your wants and have lists with the global Magic community and your friends. By seeing public lists you can set up location based trades even before meeting in real life. Snapcardster compares current card prices from TCGplayer, CardKingdom or eBay. Add other magic players to your friends list and use the in-app instant messenger to easily organize trading or game nights. You always want to be up-to-date when it comes to Magic content? With our Magic Newsfeed you will never miss developments in the Magic scene again.
Snapcardster is a pun-intended combination of “Snap”, “cards” and Snapcaster Mage, a very famous magic card. With Snapcardster you can snap cards faster 😉
Whether you are a casual player, tournament grinder, store owner or online marketplace, Snapcardster is for everyone who is into Magic. This app is your daily Magic companion in the world of wizards, creatures and lands.
Snapcardster is available for Android 5+ and for iOS.
For most of the interactive features yes, however we build the app to work offline.
Currently there are six enthusiastic people working for Snapcardster. Peer Oke Richelsen and Malte Delfs are the founding heads of the crew which consists of development and Social Media. Read more
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No and it never will.
We are currently working on translations for Spanish, French, German and Japanese.

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Snapcardster supports various file types. Import your decklists as .dec or .csv file and thus evade creating your collection all over again.

Sure, you can create wants lists with the cards you would like to possess. Therefore go to…then…These lists can be set as private or public lists. The latter can be seen from your friends and the global magic community.
Your magic collection can be individually organized in folders and decks. Therefore go to…then…Share your wants and offers with your Magic friends and people nearby.
Answer coming soon
Not yet, since it has no priority at the moment.

Snapcardster compares the current prices for Magic cards by referring to TCGplayer or eBay. We update your Magic cards’ prices on a daily basis so that you don’t have to check manually anymore each time you trad e cards.
Your trading partners are other Magic players who are interested in getting in contact with you to trade cards, meet up for game nights and simply share the same passion.
You can see public wants and have lists of other magic players in your area VIDEO.


You can organize your magic collection in decklists which you can set either as private or public. When your decklist is set as public you can certainly share it with your magic friends.
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If you like our app you can support us by diligently spreading the word. Tell your Magic friends about Snapcardster and your experiences with it. Furthermore you can help us improving our scanner by submitting correctly labled images. Our scanner is an intelligent and quick learner! And generally speaking you can always give us your feedback. We always appreciate your suggestions for improvement or additional creative ideas.

As your Magic collection will be securely stored in a cloud, you will still have access to your collection from another smartphone.
Internet privacy is a high good which means a lot to us, too. Therefore we…

Not yet, but we are currently working on it to provide you with this function. We kindly ask you for your patience.
If you have trouble with another user, please contact us and we will take care of it.
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