Another MTGO Power 9 Giveaway

I hope you all arrived safely in 2019 and feel that hunger for Power in your stomach. Look no further, I have just the right giveaway for you.

It’s no secret that I love Vintage more than my girlfriend, and tonight I’m playing in Vintage Super League over at at 6pm ET. If you’re located in Europe like me, but aren’t as crazy as me when it comes to bed time, you can always catch the episode on YouTube during the week.

Watch live video from Magic on

Without further ado, I’m giving away two sets of Vintage Masters Power 9 on Magic Online to two future Vintage players to join our awesome community. I would like to thank my sponsors Snapcardster, MTGMintcard and my generous friend @thepowernine for making this giveaway possible.

May you always turn one Ancestral Recall on your opponent’s upkeep!

MTGO Power 9 Giveaway

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