We’re incredibly happy to not only announce the first “all-danes” Pro Tour team but also a tight collaboration with MTGMintcard.com with the start of the new season. The company behind Snapcardster is based in the far north of Germany and we have a strong connection to the Danish community since the very beginning.

Being a part of the seasons Pro Tour Team as a sponsor means a lot to us and we strive to keep this squad of highly professional Magic players together for many seasons to come.

Simon Nielsen and Martin Dang already were in contact with Lee ‘@leearson’ Shi Tian as a part of the MTGMintcard authors team and we agreed to join forces to build the collaborative team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard.


This collaboration means we can focus even more on the professional side of Magic and also offer up to three articles a week by our pro players going forward. All our Danish players will be creating content for both websites in the future.

The goal of this powerful squad is of course to Top8 the upcoming Team Series but we strongly agree that the combined resources and closeness of the six Danish players improve the odds to win this season.

Follow us on Twitter @snapcardster and subscribe to our team hashtag #snapcardster to stay informed about upcoming tournaments and results of Snapcardster x MTGMintcard.

Now we are very happy to reveal all the players of team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard for this season:

Our first returning player from team Snapcardster is Michael Bonde (@lampalot)

Michael has four GP Top8s with one win at GP Lyon 2017 alongside teammates Thomas Enevoldsen and Christoffer Larsen. He enjoys Eternal formats a lot for example as a competitor in the most recent installments of the Vintage Super League and the Legacy Premier League.

Our second returning player is Thomas Enevoldsen (@therealenevolds)

Thomas is a 4-time GP Top8 competitor, taking the trophy in Legacy at GP Strasbourg 2013 and at the Team GP in Lyon 2017 with Michael Bonde and Christoffer Larsen. Thomas is known as an expert of the Death and Taxes deck in Legacy but also knows his way around non-eternal formats as proven by his win of the 2014 World Magic Cup with team Denmark.

One of our newcomers on Snapcardster x MTGMintcard is the third member of the team that took down GP Lyon in 2017: Christoffer Larsen (@ChrisTheDaneLa1)

Christoffer Larsen flexing

Christoffer has a lot of experience playing high-level Magic, with his Pro Tour debut in 2005. The Dane also has a full eight Grand Prix Top8s under his belt, with a win at Lyon 2017.

The second new addition to the roster is Simon Nielsen (@MrChecklistcard)

Simon is not only a member of the winning Danish team at the 2014 World Magic Cup but he also has five Grand Prix Top8s including a recent win at Birmingham in 2018 where he dropped his only match on Day 2 against his own alarm clock.

Martin Müller (@mtgMuller) also joins team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard

Martin Müller has a stacked resume at only 20 years of age with a World Magic Cup title in 2014 alongside two of his Snapcardster x MTGMintcard teammates, five Grand Prix Top8s and two Pro Tour Top8s.

Finally, the team captain of team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard is Martin Dang (@MartinMagicDang)

Martin Dang has played on the Pro Tour for the first time in 2002, he competed in the Top8 of four Grand Prix tournaments and he is a Pro Tour Champion, winning Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir in 2015 with the powerful Atarka Red deck.

We are very excited to have this incredible lineup of players as members of team Snapcardster x MTGMintcard and see them compete at the highest levels of Magic.

Martin Müller, Christoffer Larsen, Simon Nielsen (top row, left to right), Thomas Enevoldsen, Martin Dang and Michael Bonde (bottom row, left to right).



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